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As medical data technology evolves and new formats are generated, we adapt and improve our labeling services. Currently, we annotate everything from pathology to spectrograms and EEGs.

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We support our customers using all data at their disposal, like building custom systems to label surgical videos frame-by-frame or allowing annotations of each organ at every point in the video. We are eager to create solutions and successfully meet all your medical data labeling needs.

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Highlighted case study

Case study

Researchers at Tufts Medical Center

Researchers at Tufts Medical Center’s Cardiology Department partner with Centaur Labs for AI research projects, including labeling of rare ECG findings and ECG educational research. Centaur Labs makes it easy to collaboratively design projects and collect thousands of opinions in a matter of days. In the latest collaboration with Tufts, over 500 experts participated, yielding over 10,000 opinions in a week-long study. 

"Centaur Labs made the process of collecting skilled data labels that enable our cardiology AI research easy and fun. They are an ideal partner for collecting troves of opinions in a matter of days."

Dr. Gordon S. Huggins, MD
Dr. Gordon S. Huggins, MD
Fellowship Program Director, Cardiology
Tufts Medical Center

Case study

Volastra Therapeutics

Volastra is collaborating with Centaur Labs to help characterize chromosome instability in thousands of human tumors and cancer cell lines. Centaur has labeled over 100,000 cases and counting, at a rate of approximately 6,000 per day.

Case study

Researchers at Massachusetts General Brigham

Researchers at the Massachusetts General Brigham Neurology Department partnered with Centaur Labs to collect opinions on an expert-annotated dataset of EEGs at their annual Critical Care EEG Monitoring Research Consortium Conference. Over three days of the conference, trained neurologists tested their ability to learn and improve on identification of 6 common EEG findings. The results revealed that experts’ accuracy at identifying EEG findings improved with more exposure—in some classes, by over 150%. The Mass General Brigham team hopes to work with Centaur to expand their AI development capabilities. 

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