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Your AI and analytics projects are only as good as your data. Get to results faster with skilled data annotation you can trust.

We work with organizations at the forefront of AI.

Brigham and Women's Hospital
Massachussetts General Hospital
Massachussetts General Hospital
Brigham and Women's Hospital
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Brigham and Women's Hospital
Massachussetts General Hospital
Brigham and Women's Hospital

Why Centaur Labs?

Scale data annotation exponentially

Stop annotating healthcare data slowly with in-house teams or outsourcing to teams whose quality you can’t control.

Access the Centaur Labs network of thousands of medical doctors, professionals, researchers and students for skilled annotation

Embed data annotation seamlessly into your data pipeline with end to end API integration

View labeler-level insights to give you confidence in the Centaur Labs network

Take control of annotation quality

You define quality. We rigorously measure and manage it.

Measure labeler performance. Only include opinions from labelers whose quality score meets your expectations

Incentivize labeler performance with small batch, mobile-first competitions. Labelers are only paid for performance and give 100% of their effort on every case

Generate multiple reads on each case, and even more on ambiguous cases

Master your dataset

Proactively understand the nuances of your dataset, so your data works with you not against you.

Access meaningful statistical information about your dataset

Leverage case-level insights to inform model development e.g. precision-recall curves, label distribution, labeler agreement

Identify edge cases and challenges with data quality based on flagged cases and labeler comments

Frustrated by your labeling results?

What we annotate

What our customers say

“The Centaur Labs platform provided labels at a scale that was 10x, or 20x, anything we had done by ourselves. Tremendous scale, tremendous throughput, and high quality labels.”

Machine Learning Engineer

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"The Centaur Labs platform enabled us to quickly and conveniently gather results from our residents. We've accelerated our research by building and refining our ML models on COVID-19 pathologies in near real time. Centaur Labs has been a crucial partner throughout."

Director of Emergency Ultrasound, Emergency Medicine, Brigham & Women's Hospital

"Centaur Labs made the process of collecting skilled data labels that enable our cardiology AI research easy and fun. They are an ideal partner for collecting troves of opinions in a matter of days."

Fellowship Program Director, Cardiology
Tufts Medical Center

Industries building AI with Centaur Labs

Medical Device

From software as a medical device (SaMD) to next generation AI-enabled hardware devices.

Life Sciences

From accelerating drug discovery to leveraging real world evidence.


From skin matching AI for cosmetics, to AI-enabled wellness applications.


From accelerating claims processing and reimbursement, to improving customer service.


From AI innovation in emergency medicine and cardiology, to arthroplasty.

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