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Leverage our network of medical experts to annotate your text, image and video data

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How it works

Upload your dataset to our secure cloud and create labeling tasks. When you're ready, launch your tasks to our network of medical experts

See results within days, not weeks or months.

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Why we're different

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Collective intelligence outperforms the competition

By aggregating many opinions, we achieve a level of accuracy proven to outperform any individual board-certified doctor.


Performance-based compensation aligns incentives

We only reward the top performers, so our medical experts give 100% effort on every case they see — ensuring quality at every step, and allowing us to pass cost savings onto you.

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Speed you won't believe

Our on-demand network of medical experts produces tens of thousands of medical annotations per day.

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What our customers and partners have to say

"Segmenting graft-versus-host skin disease is a complex and time consuming task. Centaur collected over 10 vetted opinions per image from their network, and combining those segmentations together produced amazingly high-quality annotations."

Dr. Eric Tkaczyk, Director, Vanderbilt Dermatology Translational Research Clinic and Assistant Professor, Vanderbilt University Medical Center

"Centaur Labs leverages an ensemble of physicians to annotate medical data for machine learning, which makes their approach highly accurate and scalable."

Felipe Kitamura, Head of AI at DASA

"I was surprised when Centaur Labs projected a turnaround time within a week of our meeting. Not only did they meet that deadline, the Centaur network also determined that our dataset included over a hundred irrelevant clips.

Their quality control process made it easy to review controversial cases — which would have taken weeks without their support."

Sara Beery, PhD Computational Vision Lab at California Institute of Technology

"I get pitched on annotation tools all the time and Centaur is simply the best ... they offer you the accuracy and sophistication of medical experts at the price and speed of Mechanical Turk.

Dhruv Gulati, CEO of Factmata  |  Read Case Study →

"Centaur’s unique crowd-based labeling technology was a key enabler for us to quickly scale our data and algorithms. Our partnership with them played a large role in our success.

David Hachuel, Co-Founder and CEO of Auggi  |  Read Case Study →

We guarantee satisfaction.

We won't rest until you're 100% satisfied with your labeled datasets.

What we label

Our platform has the flexibility to support your medical training data needs.
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Box Annotation
Polygon Annotation

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