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Waveforms are critical indicators of patient health, and can be leveraged to train predictive algorithms that detect heart, lung, neurological conditions, and more.

Our annotation platform enables clients to structure waveforms by both classifying features within the waveform and segmenting regions of interest. 

Use cases


Identify sharp waves, spikes or spike-and-wave complexes to understand epilepsy, seizures, stroke or tumor presence.


Tag patterns (e.g. P waves), size (e.g. T wave amplitude) and time ranges (e.g. QRS complex, R-R intervals) associated with cardiac rhythm disturbances, blood flow, and electrolyte changes.


Identify fiducial points and noise in the waveform to better understand volumetric changes in blood in peripheral circulation.

Annotation types

Range selection


Trusted by AI leaders across healthcare

“The Centaur Labs platform provided labels at a scale that was 10x, or 20x, anything we had done by ourselves. Tremendous scale, tremendous throughput, and high quality labels.”

Machine Learning Engineer at Eko

"The Centaur Labs platform enabled us to quickly and conveniently gather results from our residents. We've accelerated our research by building and refining our ML models on COVID-19 pathologies in near real time. Centaur Labs has been a crucial partner throughout."

Director of Emergency Ultrasound, Emergency Medicine, Brigham & Women's Hospital

"Centaur Labs made the process of collecting skilled data labels that enable our cardiology AI research easy and fun. They are an ideal partner for collecting troves of opinions in a matter of days."

Fellowship Program Director, Cardiology Tufts Medical Center


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