A revolution in medical data analysis

Centaur Labs was born out of research that shows combining multiple opinions with algorithms improves the cost and accuracy of medical data analysis.

We exist to revolutionize the way medical decisions and diagnoses are made.

Our Team

We believe that a global network of people and machines is our best chance against the world's toughest medical problems.

Erik Duhaime, PhD
Founder & CEO
Zach Rausnitz
Founder & CTO
Tom Gellatly
Founder & VP Engineering
Chanel Fischetti, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Simon Pacheco
iOS Engineer
Gia Min
Software Engineer
Anant Jain
Data Scientist
Kira Prentice
Product Manager, App
Chris Hilger
Head of Marketing
Laura Kier, MBA
Product Manager, Customer
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Our Advisors

Doctors and leading AI researchers are helping build Centaur Labs.

Our Backers Include