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Medical video is a growing dataset available for AI development, as providers are delivering more care virtually, medical students are learning from recorded procedures, and patients are asking to record medical guidance.

Our annotation platform enables clients to structure medical video by both classifying one or multiple findings from a set of options and segmenting regions of interest.

Use cases

Surgical video

From minimally invasive to open surgery, tag and segment visible surgical instruments, lesions and organs. Tag operating room features and communication between surgeons for content and sentiment.

Clinical sessions

Tag a patient, caregiver or provider’s facial expressions, intonation or emotional responses, whether in a counseling session, or during a procedure. Identify content and sentiment of communication between speakers.

Annotation types

Polygon segmentation
Box segmentation
Line segmentation
Circle segmentation
Range selection


Trusted by AI leaders across healthcare

“We were able to use the disagreement between labelers to convert categorical labels into a continuous metric. That’s ultimately the training data we used and it was only possible because of the 20+ opinions we could gather from Centaur Labs on each piece of our data”.

Director of Data Science

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“The speed of Centaur Labs’ work - it’s incredible. If you've never used the product, it’s hard to even realize how much more efficient you can be at labeling if you've got thousands of medically knowledgeable people looking at your data and telling you how it should and shouldn’t be labeled.”

Clinical Operations Lead

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“We were able to improve our model dramatically - from .6 to .83 F1 score - in part, because of Centaur Labs.”

Sr. AI Scientist

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