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"There’s transparency in how MEDITRON was trained and what data was used. We want researchers to stress test our model and make it more robust [...] None of this is available with the closed models developed by big tech."

Prof. Martin Jaggi, Researcher and Head of ML and Optimization Lab @ EPFL

Top of mind

NEW auto-segmentation powered by SAM

🚀 Launch projects to our crowd of medical experts even faster with our new auto-segmentation tool powered by SAM.

🖱️ Segment objects of interest in two clicks

👌 Focus on segmentation refinement rather than creating polygons from scratch

Learn more ➡️

Webinar with AI leaders at Microsoft, MSKCC & Activ Surgical

Listen in to our discussion with Dr. Matt Lungren (Microsoft), Tom Calef (Activ Surgical), and Dr. Veronica Rotemberg (MSKCC) to learn about the evolving role of expert feedback in healthcare AI development.

Watch the webinar ➡️

Podcast: A Discussion on AI Safety & Model Monitoring

Listen to Centaur Labs co-founder and CEO Erik Duhaime discuss the increasing focus on model monitoring efforts on the AI Unleashed podcast.

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AI breakthroughs

Achievements in AI/ML from leading companies and researchers

From new research and regulatory approvals, to new datasets, here are some of our favorite updates in AI in healthcare.

Data & AI Jobs

Exceptional teams working with healthcare data are looking for leaders like you.

Leverage human experts in the loop

Get the quality annotations you need at the scale AI development demands. Trusted by AI leaders across the healthcare ecosystem.

  • ⚡Unprecedented scale - easily get 10,000+ annotations per day
  • ✅ Quality powered by data science - Get quality labels you don't have to trust - see the cutting edge data science principles that prove quality
  • 🏥 Built for healthcare data - HIPAA and SOC 2 Type 2 support, as well as native DICOM and whole slide pathology viewers.
  • 🙌 Multimodal support - text, image, waveform, audio and video annotation all in one place.

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