Medical Text Annotation

The incredible amount of medical text data has inspired a new generation of technology to organize it. Our platform is flexible and supports a variety of text labeling tasks from classification to topic analysis.

Named Entity Recognition and Classification

Information and insights from text-based data like prescriptions, academic articles, and visit transcriptions

Sentiment and Topic Analysis

Classification of various types of subjective medical data like patient or brand satisfaction from reviews or tweets with medically harmful claims

Medical Text Annotation


"Classify this tweet for misinformation."  


  • Analyzed 4,000 tweets for COVID-19 misinformation: medically harmful and general misinformation
  • Collected 58,000 opinions from a network of thousands of medical experts

"Classify this citation."

  • Analyzed 7,000 academic citations for context: supporting or refuting the cited article
  • Generated disagreement scores from multiple expert opinions
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About Centaur Labs

Centaur Labs focuses exclusively on medical data annotation to enable breakthroughs in medical AI. Our unique approach combines multiple opinions from our network of medical experts to deliver accurate segmentations.

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