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Are you looking for a way to responsibly leverage generative AI in your healthcare organization?

You’re not alone - 75% of healthcare leaders think generative AI can reshape their industry, but only 6% have a strategy and plan to leverage it effectively.

Check out the white paper to see how top AI teams use human experts throughout the model development lifecycle to get the most out of generative AI in their organizations.

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In this white paper, you'll learn about:
Quality controlling generative AI outputs

Dig into emerging quality challenges, from hallucinations to misleading tone, with real world examples.

building ML-ready datasets

Acquiring relevant data and accessing the specialists to label it for ML development is not as easy as you'd think.

the critical role of Expert Feedback

Explore the shift from everyday human feedback, to the expert feedback needed to tune models for healthcare.

Expert-enabled model monitoring

Explore how expert-enabled monitoring systems can de-risk healthcare AI in production.

leveraging experts at scale

Discover cutting edge tools to leverage human experts at scale throughout the model development lifecycle.

use cases and best practices

Discover how AI teams across the healthcare ecosystem are leveraging human experts at scale to build powerful models.

We work with organizations at the forefront of AI

“Working with Centaur Labs is the best way to get thousands of pieces of data annotated in a day, rather than weeks.

With Centaur Labs we have both an army of people doing high quality annotations, and annotating the data very quickly. We were able to improve our model dramatically - from .6 to .83 F1 score - as a result.”

Fausto Milletarì
AI Scientist, Paige AI